Day 31/31 Janathon – Running the Stats

So it’s the final day in January and I sort of made it.

I managed some sort of activity for 24 out of 31 days which I am pretty happy with.

I had hoped to reach my goal of running 5km in 35 minutes but I’m not quite there yet.

I did manage these totals though:

Running: 43.2 km / 5.7 hours

Yoga and Kettleball: 4.3 hours

A Wordle of my rambling posts:

Considering I was a couch potato in November and managed to run a total of 15km in December, I’m pretty pleased with my efforts and it’s a great place to start my February training.

My first job in February is to sign up for a 10k event in Thetford forest. Not only to give me something to work towards but also to make use of the great Forestry Commission site that our *wonderful* government is looking to sell off. I try to use Thetford Forest as much as I can but it is an hour and a half drive away so I don’t make as much use of it as I would like.

Anyway, rant over for now. I’m likely to come back to it later….

I have to say a really big thanks to JogBlog for organising this year’s Janathon and I hope she agrees to organise Juneathon as well :-)

Thank you to everyone who has commented on my blog or sent me encouraging messages on Twitter. It really has helped me keep going and I hope our chats will continue.

Good luck to everyone training for events or those continuing to work hard to reach their personal goals.

Kerry :-)

P.S Final day of Janathon was 30 mins Yoga

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Day 30/31 Janathon – Jugs and Kettlebells

Today was a nice relaxing day to see out the last weekend of January. We had already arranged to meet friends for a birthday lunch so Gary and I spent the morning shopping.

The intentions were a new pair of Badminon court shoes for Gary and a new sports bra for me. Although I have not run every day in January (which wasn’t my goal) I have increased the amount of running I have done quite considerably and have come to the conclusion that a standard sports bra isn’t good enough anymore.

Unfortunately Gary wasn’t too successful with his purchasing. I on the other hand ended up with a new Running sports bra and a new jug……..

Tonight I was back to my Kettlebell routine even though the after effects of the first session were still with me. 20 minutes of swinging a kettlebell over and round my head whilst trying to walk forwards and backwards. Hopefully I won’t be too achy tomorrow.

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Day 29/31 Janathon – Achy legs

Since doing my Kettlebell workout, my thighs have been really aching so I gave them a rest for day 28.

So yesterday I started off the day in the spa pool and steam room whilst Gary was teaching one of his girls to swim. After shopping, cake making and Super Mario on the Wii was done – I headed back to the gym.

I had hoped to manage a 5km run but my legs and right knee had other ideas. But I completed 3km in a fairly reasonable time (for me)  of 24.33 minutes. I then spent some time on my shoulder and abs workouts. One of the PT’s at the gym gave me a different shoulder workout to try after chatting about my injury which worked out to be easy on my shoulder so will be adding that to my usual routine.

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Days 25/26/27 Janathon – Catching up and Kettlebells

I’m nearly over the cough and cold I had last week so thought I should get back to running slowly.

So on Tuesday, I ran a steady 2km on the treadmill and spent 15 minutes on the cross-trainer.

Wednesday night was time to try out the Kettlebell and DVD set that I had bought. I’ve been struggling to find a way to incorporate some weights into my new fitness routine due to a shoulder injury that I haven’t quite recovered from. My routine at the gym concentrated on some basic weight training using some machines with the help of the instructor. But I’ve been finding that it’s been aggravating the injury.

So when I saw that Kettlenetics was on offer in the local supermarket including a 4lb Kettlebell I thought it was worth investing.

Well I tried the 20 minute routine last night and blimey its hell of a workout. Within 10 minutes I was completely out of breath but my body felt fine. By the end of the 20 minute workout I was pouring with sweat. The routine is quite dance like and fairly easy to follow with no jerky movements.

I didn’t expect the Kettlebell workout to be as tough as it was and didn’t think that it was entirely down to me being ill last week. So I had a little nosy around the web to see how many calories an average Kettlebell workout burns and found this study. I’m not entirely convinced that I burned 400 calories last night. But I have to say that the tops of my thighs have reminded me all day that I did work hard. Plus not a shoulder niggle all day and I was swinging the Kettleball round my head and lifting it up and down constantly.

So I will definitely be keeping it up in the hope that it will improve my upper body strength as well provide me with a good workout.

Tonight I was back at the gym to walk/run off my achy thighs. I managed to walk/run 4km in 32.11 minutes. Not brilliant but better than Tuesday.

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Day 21&22/31 Janathon – Lurgy

Just a short post to say I wasn’t able to fight off the cough and cold that has been lurking this week.

I’ve been loading myself with Berocca, Manuka honey and multi-vits as well as sleeping alot.

I managed 10 minutes of Yoga on Friday 21st and again on Saturday 22nd. It’s not much of a contribution but it’s something.

Was aiming to head out for a longer run today but think I will take a rain-check on that. I still intend to get my trainers on today and will let you know how I get on later.

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Day 20/31 Janathon – Determined

After a crazy few days I was determined to run this evening.

I’m still feeling quite jaded and am looking forward to 5pm tomorrow in order to relax.

So tonight I hit the treadmill and made sure I didn’t stop until I finished my 5km.

Although I didn’t improve my time overall, I completed my fastest km in 6.57 minutes which I’m pleased with.


Distance: 5.1 km

Time: 40.36 minutes

Average: 7.58 mins/km

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Day 19/31 Janathon – Lacking in Zumba co-ordination

I got roped into trying out a Zumba class by two friends as apparently I would make sure they would go!!

It’s safe to say that my co-ordination is pretty appalling especially if I have to move my arms and feet at the same time, so I wasn’t really sure how I would get on.

We turned up to find that the class was pretty full and run by a a lovely lady called Claudia (pronounced Clou dee ah). She wasted no time in making sure we were moving our feet and clapping our hands together to some fast Salsa music. I seemed to pick up the short routines ok but once I thought I’d mastered something, Clou dee ah quickly changed direction or added some Flamenco style hand movements. I got totally lost when the whooping and boobage shaking began!!

All in all, it was a good workout. I’ll probably go again but if I’m going to make a regular thing then I think I may invest in a DVD and practice at home a little so that I don’t look like the complete uncoordinated lunatic that I currently am.

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Day 18/31 Janathon – Brain fried….. but there’s still hope

So far this week can pretty much be summed up as work on train, straight into meetings, wolf down lunch when opportunity arises, work on train, eat dinner, help Deaghlan with homework, play/chat/chill with Deaghlan before he goes to bed.

No chance of collapsing in a heap as there is is still prepping, cooking and clearing up that has to be done too with plenty of help from Gary I should add.

My brain is absolutely fried……..

But I’m refusing to let this beat me and I keep telling myself that I only have one more day of this mad routine to go.

Today is supposed to be a running day but I knew I wouldn’t do myself any favours if I stuck to the schedule. I really have to concentrate on my breathing and my pace when I’m running and my brain really isn’t up to it, so I stuck with half an hour of yoga.

It does help clear my mind and I feel like I’ve made some effort towards exercising as I’m pretty tired out. The good news is that I’m noticing that my flexibility is improving and I can hold the balances for longer. Hoping that will result in stronger running in the future.

I’ve signed myself up for a Zumba class tomorrow night and I’m determined to give it a go even though my co-ordination really sucks!! It could be fun and may help me shake off this lethargy.

Activity: Yoga

Time: 30 minutes

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Day 17/31 Janathon – Meh!! followed by Manic

No Janathoning for me today unless I count the power walk to and from the underground station to the office.

Still feeling tired, I think mentally more that physically. My legs seem to be coping with the increase in exercise but brain is switching off.

Today was a pretty manic day of meetings and eating on the run, so giving myself a rest day and an early night.

Back to it again tomorrow. I’m half way through and I’m not stopping now.

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Day 16/31 Janathon – Meh!!

Just a short post today.

I managed a very slow 4km this afternoon, came home and promptly fell asleep on the sofa.

Not due to run again until Tuesday so I have a bit of time to recover.


Distance: 4km

Time: 35.45 mins

Average: 8.56 mins/km

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