Days 25/26/27 Janathon – Catching up and Kettlebells

I’m nearly over the cough and cold I had last week so thought I should get back to running slowly.

So on Tuesday, I ran a steady 2km on the treadmill and spent 15 minutes on the cross-trainer.

Wednesday night was time to try out the Kettlebell and DVD set that I had bought. I’ve been struggling to find a way to incorporate some weights into my new fitness routine due to a shoulder injury that I haven’t quite recovered from. My routine at the gym concentrated on some basic weight training using some machines with the help of the instructor. But I’ve been finding that it’s been aggravating the injury.

So when I saw that Kettlenetics was on offer in the local supermarket including a 4lb Kettlebell I thought it was worth investing.

Well I tried the 20 minute routine last night and blimey its hell of a workout. Within 10 minutes I was completely out of breath but my body felt fine. By the end of the 20 minute workout I was pouring with sweat. The routine is quite dance like and fairly easy to follow with no jerky movements.

I didn’t expect the Kettlebell workout to be as tough as it was and didn’t think that it was entirely down to me being ill last week. So I had a little nosy around the web to see how many calories an average Kettlebell workout burns and found this study. I’m not entirely convinced that I burned 400 calories last night. But I have to say that the tops of my thighs have reminded me all day that I did work hard. Plus not a shoulder niggle all day and I was swinging the Kettleball round my head and lifting it up and down constantly.

So I will definitely be keeping it up in the hope that it will improve my upper body strength as well provide me with a good workout.

Tonight I was back at the gym to walk/run off my achy thighs. I managed to walk/run 4km in 32.11 minutes. Not brilliant but better than Tuesday.

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2 Responses to Days 25/26/27 Janathon – Catching up and Kettlebells

  1. Well done! That Kettlebell thingie sounds interesting (if a little dangerous!). I’ll have to check it out. :-)

    • pucegreen says:

      Just make sure you aren’t near the light fixings. I got a bit paranoid that I was going to smash them. It’s a great workout but it did leave the tops of my legs aching for about 3 days afterwards. Going to do it again tonight :-)

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