It’s Apple and Blackberry pie season

The weather decided that it wasn’t going to give us an Indian Summer after all and began to cool down just as Gary’s Dad delivered a large batch of Bramley apples from his tree.

No more encouragement was required to do some pie making.

But before that, our recent holiday in Normandy put me in the mood for some apple tart, Pâte Brisée style.

Pâte Brisée is a French sweet pastry which is rolled within a millimetre of it’s life to be as thin as possible. It was the first time that I had attempted Pâte Brisée and it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be.

The recipe in the GBBO book offered great guidance.

After mastering the Pâte Brisée, next up was pie making time. My top tips for a good apple and blackberry pie are:

1) Use butter rich shortcrust pastry, chilled for at least an hour
2) Lightly cook chunky chopped apples in butter, cinnamon and brown sugar until the apples soften slightly around the edges
3) Add cinnamon to the pastry lid along with some sugar
4) Don’t forget to serve with double cream

What are your tips for a fabulous apple and blackberry pie?

Apple and Blackberry Pie

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