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It’s Apple and Blackberry pie season

The weather decided that it wasn’t going to give us an Indian Summer after all and began to cool down just as Gary’s Dad delivered a large batch of Bramley apples from his tree. No more encouragement was required to … Continue reading

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Back to blogging and baking

I’m determined to find my blogging mojo after a couple of years of just being far too busy. So I thought I would start out with a plan to blog every time I bake. I made a Chocolate and Caramel … Continue reading

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Operation Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

Blogging has taken a back seat for the past few months as things have been pretty hectic. For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you would have seen me talking for the past couple of months about Operation … Continue reading

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Day 2/30 Juneathon – Day out in London

A day trip to London is beginning to become a half term holiday ritual for me, Gary and Deaghlan at the moment. So we headed down to Epping in the car and jumped on the tube. First stop was the … Continue reading

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Day 1/30 Juneathon – and we’re off

Just managed to fit in my timetabled 3 mile run today. I’ve been trying to fit in 3 runs a week for the past month or so but am yet to manage it. I’m hoping that Juneathon will get me … Continue reading

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Juneathon plans

As Juneathon is less that 24 hours away, it’s about time I set myself some goals and figure out a plan. So here goes: 1. Complete 20 mins of yoga per day 2. Run 3 times per week 3. Do … Continue reading

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Dusting off the bicycles and teaching the rules of the road

With the weather slowly getting milder and the evenings lighter, it was decided that now was the time to rescue the bikes from the garage and start putting them to good use again after their winter hibernation. Gary and Deaghlan … Continue reading

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Puffle Cupcake madness

In the Judge/Cole household we are getting into the crazy birthday season, a total of 7 birthdays in less than 3 weeks. The first one was Gary’s twin girls who turned 7 earlier in the week, so I have recently … Continue reading

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Keep calm and carry on: Dealing with no running

I haven’t blogged in a couple of weeks after a visit to the doctors resulted in no running allowed for 2 weeks. Apparently I have strained a ligament so was told to rest. After some searching on t’internet it seems … Continue reading

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Easy week

Currently sitting with my knee on ice so thought it was time to reflect a little on the past week. I made a concious decision to slow down and take it a bit easier after taking part in Janathon and … Continue reading

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