Day 18/31 Janathon – Brain fried….. but there’s still hope

So far this week can pretty much be summed up as work on train, straight into meetings, wolf down lunch when opportunity arises, work on train, eat dinner, help Deaghlan with homework, play/chat/chill with Deaghlan before he goes to bed.

No chance of collapsing in a heap as there is is still prepping, cooking and clearing up that has to be done too with plenty of help from Gary I should add.

My brain is absolutely fried……..

But I’m refusing to let this beat me and I keep telling myself that I only have one more day of this mad routine to go.

Today is supposed to be a running day but I knew I wouldn’t do myself any favours if I stuck to the schedule. I really have to concentrate on my breathing and my pace when I’m running and my brain really isn’t up to it, so I stuck with half an hour of yoga.

It does help clear my mind and I feel like I’ve made some effort towards exercising as I’m pretty tired out. The good news is that I’m noticing that my flexibility is improving and I can hold the balances for longer. Hoping that will result in stronger running in the future.

I’ve signed myself up for a Zumba class tomorrow night and I’m determined to give it a go even though my co-ordination really sucks!! It could be fun and may help me shake off this lethargy.

Activity: Yoga

Time: 30 minutes

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