Day 1/30 Juneathon – and we’re off

Just managed to fit in my timetabled 3 mile run today.

I’ve been trying to fit in 3 runs a week for the past month or so but am yet to manage it. I’m hoping that Juneathon will get me up to regularly running 3 times a week.

I hit the road just after 8.30pm after rooting out my iPod from down the back of the sofa. Didn’t properly plan where I was heading so aimed from the Football Stadium and turned round halfway and headed home. Met a couple of other runners along the way and too many young lads driving their Dad’s Audi or BMW…….

Distance: 4.83km

Time: 36.29 mins

Average: 7.33mins/km

Hope everyone else had a good start to Juneathon :-)

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2 Responses to Day 1/30 Juneathon – and we’re off

  1. Trying to get round everyone on Juneathon with good luck wishes and a few words of encouragement! So, well erm Good luck!! Only 29 more days to go – should be a breeze!

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