Operation Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

Blogging has taken a back seat for the past few months as things have been pretty hectic. For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you would have seen me talking for the past couple of months about Operation Birthday Cake.

My sister turned 32 earlier in October and she asked me to make her birthday cake. But of course it couldn’t be any ordinary birthday cake, she requested a Hello Kitty Cake with Keroppi cupcakes.

This took a fair bit of research and design from my point of view but I came up with a couple of ideas including pink macaroons. The pink macaroons were later binned as I couldn’t get the colour right at all even though they tasted great.

Anyway, I decided to go with red velvet sponge for both the cake and cupcakes. I made the main Hello Kitty sponge about two weeks before my sister’s birthday and froze it so that it (in theory) would be easier to ice and decorate. Freezing it paid off and I will definitely do it again if I have to make any similar cakes in the future.

Hello Kitty took me about 3 hours to decorate including fixing the neck where I practically garotted her and the Keroppi cupcakes took me about 4 hours to make and decorate with some help from my sister and a bottle of wine.

The m&ms made life a little interesting. You can buy them online but the minimum order fee was £65. I would have been eating m&ms forever with that quantity. So I decided to visit the m&ms store in Leicester Square. Just a word of warning, it is 4 floors of tourist heaven (hell) with a Red m&m being chased around the store by children when I popped in! Also be prepared for the vast array of colours available to buy. I just wanted pink m&ms and was confronted with at least 6 different shades!

So here it is, all the hard work was really worth it and my sister was really chuffed:

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