Easy week

Currently sitting with my knee on ice so thought it was time to reflect a little on the past week.

I made a concious decision to slow down and take it a bit easier after taking part in Janathon and stuck mainly to core work this week. I also headed out last Wednesday for another attempt at Zumba. All the advice I’ve read about keeping motivated involves changing your routines so I may stick with it for a while. Still unconvinced with regards to the applauding and whooping but we shall see.

Had my monthly review at the gym yesterday to check on my progress. Increasing the workouts on my left shoulder to help build the strength up and discussed increasing my running distance first and working on improving my speed in March.

However, running plans were scuppered today as 3k in and my right knee started giving me some pain. I tried walking it off but as soon as I increased my speed again the pain returned.

So plenty of stretching I think over the next few days and more core work. I’ll leave the running until next week.

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