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Janathon 11/31…..Lost but won

by on Jan.11, 2011, under Janathon Juneathon

Badminton…..day 2 match day

Well I lost all my games, last 2 where close, but the team one, so all good…

Had a brilliant night playing tonight, would not say no to playing in a match again….need to improve my serve so bad /shales head ;-)

Yep short and sweet tonight, tired, legs sore…soooo need court shoes… my feet are well sore, so no running for a few days..

Gary :)

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Janathon Day 10/31….Cocks

by on Jan.11, 2011, under Janathon Juneathon

Shuttlecocks that is ;-) yeah I know I should grow up and stop using silly puns…..pft never going to happen ;-)

Anyway bit late on the old blogging front , was late home and really really tired and sooooooo sore.  2  hours of badminton hurts if a) not been for 4 weeks b) sore any way for trying to drag your body in to a fit running super man…..yeah I can dream….lol

Well fun night as always..me and my brother go, so that always going to be a laugh when we play together….even worse when against each other…..shall we say he well a lot better then me, but still who cares it the taking part that counts.

My brother plays in the club team and for there next games which is tonight there short a player…so desperate that they asked every body else…no joy so yep you guessed it that at the age of 35 I will be playing in my first badminton match tonight, well at least that tonight’s janathon sorted ;-)

Right back to work…


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janathon 9/31…yoga excuse

by on Jan.09, 2011, under Janathon Juneathon

Holds head in shame…….

Today has been 30 min yoga, feel like I have cheated ;-) , it not the easiest thing to do and it probably helping but still. I think I need a rest day…legs are a bit sore and I did carry my 6 year old to the park and back again, as her legs hurt…lol…mine 2….

So I did something but not a lot, still tomorrow going to hurt..2 hours of badminton…..


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Janathon 8/31 What a run you say :-)

by on Jan.08, 2011, under Janathon Juneathon

Yes that right I ran, and on the whole I felt ok, legs little sore, but on the whole not to bad

See the activity on RunSaturday

Type: Run – General
Duration: 0:18:03
Distance: 2.52 km

So I’m not going to break any speed (did quite a bit at 11KPH) or distance records(hopeing to get to 3K in the time this week) but I need to get some constancy in my running..so little steps and few days between runs I think will be an idea, so tomorrow, bike and cross trainer and maybe some weights as well…not forgetting the abs (there in there somewhere ;-) )

Monday will be a new event for me in this Janathon…Badminton, been part of a club for a few months and with the xmas break over it be great to get back into it..shame I not that good…..lol but I enjoy it no end ;-)

right time for some tele before bed..

Here to week 2

Gary ;-)

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Janathon 7/31 Swim/Walk/Run/Walk/Run

by on Jan.07, 2011, under Janathon Juneathon

Off to the gym, straight to the pool to meet @pucegreen and little man for a muck around in the pool, only managed a few lengths tonight as I had a 7 year old holding on to me while I swam, really hard work I have to say, after the fun and games I jumped on the treadmill, did my 15 min with 3 min cool down…..started walking, then ran for a bit then slowed down carried on like this..interval training right? I kept changing every 3 min or so, as it was hard running, but not to bad so all good..

See the activity on RunSaturday

Type: Run – Treadmill
Duration: 0:18:00
Distance: 2.30 km


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Janathon 6/31 Headphones aghhhhhhh

by on Jan.06, 2011, under Janathon Juneathon

Well tonight, easy choice same as yeaterday, bike and weights, nothing to exciting, added a few more kilos to some of the machines….go me lol

See the activity on RunSaturday

Type: Bike – General
Duration: 0:15:00
Distance: 8.70 km

Ok it driving me nuts, I have headphones that sound good, but there driving me nuts they keep falling out, even when I’m just on the bike…so come on people recommendation please, thinking good old fashioned over the head jobbies, or some sort of band to hold my current one in….ideas on a postcard please

I go nuts if I have to spend 25 more days pushing them back in ;-)


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Janathon day 5/31 Little steps

by on Jan.05, 2011, under Janathon Juneathon

So for today Janathon I thought long and hard about what to do, legs still sore, so nice and easy..so I jumped on the bike for 15min, the seats on the things are huge and really uncomfortable , almost make me miss my bike seat, still gym was busy so I went and hid in there dark room, all went well.

See the activity on RunSaturday

Type: Bike – General
Duration: 0:15:00
Distance: 8.70 km

After the bike, I did my weights, missing the legs ones, fininshed again with some abs work, then on the way out I thought I would test the old legs on the tread mill, so set pace to 6kph, and did 5min

See the activity on RunSaturday

Type: Walk – General
Duration: 0:05:00
Distance: 0.50 km

Relief after 5 min I was not in pain, my legs are still sore, but still no worse so, I stuck with taking it easy but at least I can ride/swim/walk and do weights, hopefully I be back to running next week sometime.


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Janathon Day 4/31….3 what that?

by on Jan.04, 2011, under Janathon Juneathon

Well Day 3 was shall we say….it did not happen…what with sick kids sore legs meant I thought I better not do anything.

Going into Janathon, I thought I manage the run everyday, couple of K a day…that be easy, started at the gym a few weeks ago, and all was good…I’m not a runner, but had just completed a charity event swim 22 miles in 12 weeks, so was feeling good… positive if you like.

31st I ran at the gym, all was fine, felt good, I’m enjoying the running, something that @pucegreen got me into and liked the idea something that, when time permits we can do together (even talk of a runnning holiday).

1st of January, the start, time to get my running shoes on…and my new tights and most importantly to try ouy my Xmas present from @pucegreen a nike+ sportband….let just say it did not go quite like I thought it would…

2nd Jan….not going there again (see previous blog)

on the bright side…..

I am enjoying the running, but it going to take some time to get into the groove…look out juneathon ;-)

I have a plan, next Monday Badminton start up again so that my Monday Janathon’s sorted, I am dying to get out on the bike, been 4 months since I last used it and of course I going to jump back in the pool…..so for me janathon a going to consist of a bit of everything…except doing bugger all

So onto tonight activity…GYM…did all my arm weight training as well as my abs workout…then I jumped into the pool and did 400M mainly front crawl…..I hardly ever use my legs doing front crawl…after that I came home…feeling better about life and janathon

Is there such a thing as a easy triathlon? random thought of the day I know but still it not going away (the idea), well here to the rest of Janathon


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Janathon Day 2/31

by on Jan.02, 2011, under Janathon Juneathon

See the activity on RunSaturday

Type: Run – Treadmill
Duration: 0:10:13
Distance: 1.15 km

Well today did not go according to plan…3K was the plan….got to the gym..started walking on the treadmill, but soon as the speed hit running pace, it was well quite painful, so slowed right down and walked to 1K  and a bit….

did some arm weight training for 10min then left gym…sulking not a happy chap!!!!!!

so all in all day 2 result = pants!!!!!

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Janathon Day 1/31

by on Jan.01, 2011, under Janathon Juneathon

Janathon Day 1

See the activity on RunSaturday

Type: Run – General
Duration: 0:22:09
Distance: 2.80 km

So this will be my first run and I learnt a lot…..

  • I need better headphones for running…kept falling out….
  • gloves…..my hands got soooooooo cold
  • take some water with me
  • When it’s cold it pain to breath when running..must take my inhaler with me!

how did it go well, first K was fine, nice quick one…felt good, but after about 7min i was finding breathing hard, very dry mouthed (water next time..doh!) so most of the 22min was walking but think I found a route to do about 3k so think I am set to have another go tomrrow

Oh and I did 15 min of @pucegreen yoga Video….NOW that is hard!!!!

Day 2 Bring it on!!!!!


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