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Janathon Day 29/31……now that a run ;-)

by on Jan.29, 2011, under Janathon Juneathon

See the activity on RunSaturday

Type: Run – General
Duration: 0:24:51
Distance: 3.29 km

I did it, I did it, I did it, I set myself the goal of running 3K before the end of January and today I flipping did it, I ran 3K in the gym, then did all my weights that have been upped and a few more machines added (working well as I am sore in my chest, so it must be working….;-) oh and I am still using the Slendertone, which I hope to do a post about during the week….

As for running suppose the question now is where to go from here, I think it need a week or two of 3k before moving to 4k…question is I want to do a 10K end of March so need to get up to distance sooner rather then later and the bit step of running outside, but hopefully end of Febuary It be a little bit warmer, so be able to do the odd short run outside and get use to it..all in time for March 20th which happens to be about 3 month before the half marathon in June…..


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Janathon Day 24/31….cocks and GT5…

by on Jan.24, 2011, under Janathon Juneathon

Ok so it far to say, I have ummm errr missed a few days now, but it looks like there some goals in sight, @pucegreen has given me loads of goals, but that no bad thing if fact I liking her thinking (shhhh don’t Tell her that though)…so March 20th 10K in Thetford forest…that sounds like fun, I love Thetford forest spent a few trips there, doing the Black route…(wonder if I could afford to buy it ;-) ) so that the current thinking…to get the arse of mine in gear to get to 10K, and then a half marathon end of June, place your bets now…….

I did pop to the gym for a session with the instructor to change/improve/add to my program there so I am hoping that with some blood sweat and tears (hopefully no blood or tears if I being honest) I improve……well me, and if I don’t it all @jayMcNeill fault as I be stuck playing Gran Turismo 5…that my story and I am sticking to it…

Anyway onto tonight’s game of badminton, Because I enjoyed the match a lot I played as much as I can. I have (with help of my brother and others) been making an effort to improve my serve and my game as a whole, and though I still get beaten the result are getting better (most of the time ;-) )

So 2 hours Badminton tonight, Gym tomorrow……Swim Wednesday…


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Janathon Day 19/31, Learn to swim

by on Jan.19, 2011, under Janathon Juneathon

Well today I had a work colleague keep me company(well that was the plan) she was doing some trainig near by (normally based in Purfleet) and as she is well, bloody good at swimming and does a lot of 5K outside swims for an example, thought be nice to hit the pool and get a few pointers…oh how wrong we I

Got to the pool, get changed, meet in the pool and in we get, I thought right 40 lengths here we come…OHHHHHH NOOOOOO so off Kay goes for a quick 6 lengths, I manage 4 in the same time…’right now lets see you do front crawl’ she says…off I go…let just say even though I be swimming for 30+ years (only 35 so been swimming a while) I was doing it wrong, so now I doing it right (well more right then wrong it almost like relearning to swim), going a hell of a lot quicker, feels better but boy I really am unfit.

I think I managed about 20 length in the time, but to sey I had a far far better workout is an understatement!!!!! SO big thanks to Kay for helping me do it right, so from now it quality not quanity that counts….means that to practise I can’t use the Gym pool as it to small(great for cool down though), hell I swimming that pool underwater in one go already..lol

Roll on Next Wednesday when I be going back for another 20 fast lengths….

I am so going to hurt in the morning but it all good

Gary – blimey two posts in one night that so unlike me

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Slendertone System Abs – 2 Sessions in

by on Jan.19, 2011, under Fitness

I am happy to admit that I seen the adverts on TV about abs machine and well just laughed….never ever thought about getting one…waste of money….but I a bit more open minded after using it, stil no idea if it will work, but time will tell..

Ok I got the unit last week, the unit is very well built, the pads that make contact with your skin are icky but then that the point, basic setup is…

  • Charge the Battery, (about 3 hours)
  • Fit the pads to the belt (3 of them)
  • plug the control unit to the belt
  • turn it on and zap yourself

There a plan for you to follow in the instruction manual which plan for 5X sessions a week, different time, intensaty levels, building up for quite low (20 scale runs from 0-99)

The thing that has strucked me is the box and instruction does not pull you leg and at no point does it say, that this product is all you need for killer ABS, it very much aimed at..you need to do the normal stuff of exercise/good eating to sort your life out, this product here to help the mid-drift ;-)


oh and it feels really weird!!!!

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Janathon Day 17&18/31…opsy blog

by on Jan.18, 2011, under Janathon Juneathon

I seem to be managing the exercise everyday, ok so I missed 2 but I not use to all this exercise doing better than last year Janathon..so not all bad ;-) My blogging a bit well pants, missed more blogs then days exercising but ha ho will try harder for the last part of the challenge ;-)

Day 17 was back to Badminton, another 2 hours of quite hard playing, was made to practise my serve as it really is bad, playing against my brother ring the worse out of him, like being kids again, but all good fun never the less ;-) I think I hurt my side during the night, to much laughing, was like kids being left on there own while the teacher was outside….

Day 18 Sore….only a little but still Badminton really does take it out of you….but still onwards and upwards, so tonight’s Janathon was yet another trip to the gym..

1000m Row

Weights, abs etc

See the activity on RunSaturday

Type: Cross – Other
Duration: 0:10:00
Distance: 1.00 km

Tomorrow plan is to hit the pool tomorrow for 40 lengths or so…..here to tomorrow….maybe a run Thursday….

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Janathon Day 15&16/31

by on Jan.16, 2011, under Janathon Juneathon

2 Days at the gym, not a lot of time to no blog yesterday….so maybe twice as much ramble today? maybe not….

Yesterday was 10min cross trainer then weight and abs work)

Today again 10 min cross trainer today with weight then an attempt at running…not brilliant but still, some better then nothing

See the activity on RunSaturday

Type: Run – General
Duration: 0:21:40
Distance: 2.13 km
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Janathon 12/31 and 13/31…Pucegreen & June

by on Jan.14, 2011, under Janathon Juneathon

Well day 12 was a wash out, was out with a friend from work and as I was still sore as hell after the Badminton Match, I took the day off, but enough of the day missed (2 so far)……

For day 13 I went to the gym, jumped on the bike….stats…
See the activity on RunSaturday

Type: Bike – General
Duration: 0:15:00
Distance: 8.70 km

Then I did about 25 min of weights and abs….I have booked a session with an instructor to increase my work load and get the treadmill up to 3K instead of 15Minutes, need more variety weights wise and to really target the old belly (got the abs machine 2 to try as well but that be another post over the weekend once I read the instructions…)

It seems I need to keep and eye on Pucegreen as it seems she got this funny idea of doing a half marathon in June…26th to be exact or in other word on my 36th Birthday (bugger I am getting on a bit), now I will admit to being tempted, because a) I need to be really fit to do it…(good thing) B) Well Pucegreen want to do it and yes I am a sucker when i comes to her C) it be nice to do something with @pucegreen. so I am intending to as they say have a go. Biking/swimming challenge may have to wait till next year….I keep you posted on this one.

Oh one more thing, my headphones stayed in for the whole session and I can now attach my ipod to my arm with a funky neoprene arm band….so hoping that all good, need to go shopping on itunes for some more exercise music…recommendations please ;-)


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Janathon 11/31…..Lost but won

by on Jan.11, 2011, under Janathon Juneathon

Badminton…..day 2 match day

Well I lost all my games, last 2 where close, but the team one, so all good…

Had a brilliant night playing tonight, would not say no to playing in a match again….need to improve my serve so bad /shales head ;-)

Yep short and sweet tonight, tired, legs sore…soooo need court shoes… my feet are well sore, so no running for a few days..

Gary :)

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Janathon Day 10/31….Cocks

by on Jan.11, 2011, under Janathon Juneathon

Shuttlecocks that is ;-) yeah I know I should grow up and stop using silly puns…..pft never going to happen ;-)

Anyway bit late on the old blogging front , was late home and really really tired and sooooooo sore.  2  hours of badminton hurts if a) not been for 4 weeks b) sore any way for trying to drag your body in to a fit running super man…..yeah I can dream….lol

Well fun night as always..me and my brother go, so that always going to be a laugh when we play together….even worse when against each other…..shall we say he well a lot better then me, but still who cares it the taking part that counts.

My brother plays in the club team and for there next games which is tonight there short a player…so desperate that they asked every body else…no joy so yep you guessed it that at the age of 35 I will be playing in my first badminton match tonight, well at least that tonight’s janathon sorted ;-)

Right back to work…


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janathon 9/31…yoga excuse

by on Jan.09, 2011, under Janathon Juneathon

Holds head in shame…….

Today has been 30 min yoga, feel like I have cheated ;-) , it not the easiest thing to do and it probably helping but still. I think I need a rest day…legs are a bit sore and I did carry my 6 year old to the park and back again, as her legs hurt…lol…mine 2….

So I did something but not a lot, still tomorrow going to hurt..2 hours of badminton…..


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